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Solar Panel Bird Proofing Solutions!

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Pest Control & Gutter Cleaning Companies should NOT be installing bird proofing to solar systems. Sims Solar technicians are experienced solar experts and understand the associated risks & danger when working with electrical solar PV systems. 

We receive calls time and time again to come out and rectify issues caused by unqualified installers..

Why Over 8,000 Happy Customers Have Chosen Sims Solar!

Our Team Are Experienced Solar

Outstanding Customer Service "Google 5 Stars"

Our Materials Are Superior To Any Other Products!

Exclusive Extended 15 Year Warranty on Supply & Install

Unbeatable Best Price Guaranteed Always!

Pigeon Problems?
The why and the how..

Sims Solar Is The Only Qualified & Accredited Solar Company In Melbourne That Offers Solar Bird Proofing Solutions By Solar Experts!
We get it right the first time..


Premium Grade,19 Gauge Stainless Steel Black PVC Coated UV Rated Barrier Mesh. (Will Not Rust)
15 Year Warranty!


We Are So Confident That We Guarantee Our Best Price On Any Comparable Written Quote! 

At Sims We Are Committed To Customer Satisfaction! Respond Conversation..You Speak, We Listen..

Roof top solar panels create an ideal environment for pigeons and other pests to nest and roost. Sims Solar Guard is designed to  prevent birds, rodents and other pests from accessing the area beneath the solar arrays.

The panels provide shade and shelter from weather conditions as well as a hide away from potential predators, whats more birds tend to return to nest again and again under the same panels year after year.

Sims Solar Guard provides a permanent solution, eliminating birds and other pests while also protecting cables and junction boxes.

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How Do We Work?

The solution to the problem starts us!.. We will provide you with a "same day" detailed quote! Once you have accepted our quote (no deposit required) we will schedule a suitable time and day to complete your job. 

Every solar bird proofing installation is unique in the fact that the panel configuration, roof access, number of nests, roof obstacles etc etc varies greatly from job to job. On average a standard installation will take between 3 to 4 hours.

Our technicians will provide you with before and after pictures for your own peace of mind so you can be confident in our workmanship and the end result!

Installation Procedure:

. First things first.. A safety inspection and the roof access point will be identified prior to commencing the installation.

. Once on the roof, bird nests, eggs, debris and bird carcasses from under the solar panels will be removed safely.

. Now the fun part! we cut and measure the solar guard for a perfect and precise fit. Every rail, end clamp and isolator        is double reinforced to ensure an extremely secure fixing.

. After completing the solar guard installation we conduct a thorough inspection of the job and check that it meets the        highest of standards.

. Lastly is a professional clean of your solar panels. (In accordance with solar panel manufactures specifications) and all    your roof gutters in front of the solar arrays will be cleaned out.

 Job Done!   ... And Backed By A 15 Year Extended Warranty.

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