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No job too big or small. Sims has the capabilities to clean and service any size solar system.

Clean and Go! We are super fast. Our team can complete a 20 panel job in 45 minutes! How about them apples!

Hassle free solar operation. A yearly visit from Sims keeps these panels in tip top condition.

Commercial solar systems are prone to faults across the system and must be maintained.

We can assist and advise you with any Panel, Inverter & Install warranty claims.

Average solar power output increases from cleaning are in the range of 15% to 20%. Faults with residential solar systems is at 33%.

System faults must be fixed as soon as possible. Identifying the fault, fixing the fault and a routine check-up is a must for solar.

Lichen..A solar panels worst enemy! these little monsters are a major cause of lost solar power

Damaged Isolators, water onto exposed wires, burnt out connectors, potential fire hazard. Shattered panels, missing end clamps, missing middle clamps, hot-spots, brackets not anchored to the truss correctly, browning of panels, water penetration.....

Rock Star! Its rare but vandalism can result in damage to your solar system and often goes undetected till we come along.

You do get what you pay for. Cheap panels are just that..CHEAP. Better to spend a little extra in the short term for long term efficiency!

Does your system meet regulatory requirements? We can carry out a complete audit and advise you accordingly.

Our Inspection revealed a burnt out connector, apart from the apparent danger the system had only been operating at 40% from the second array

Super dangerous! Exposed electrical components can cause many problems. Inverter failure. Fire in the very worst case.


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