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Commercial Solar Services

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Scheduled solar panel cleaning is essential

Average solar power gains after cleaning - 30%

Out of hours service available

Best Rates Guaranteed

Super Fast and Super Reliable

Large Scale Commercial Solar PV

Commercial Solar Systems are prone to many types of industrial pollutants from surrounding factories, workshops, manufacturing plants etc. 

Implementation of a scheduled service for commercial solar systems is essential.

Its easy to overlook the servicing of your panels as 99% of the time the panels are not visible from ground level.

At Sims we work with you to determine the frequency of cleaning & servicing depending on different factors namely location, environment, tilt, wind and dust etc.

We are extremely competitive and happy to price match any reasonable, comparable written quote.

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Keeping clean energy clean! 

Professional panel cleaning

Safety & operation check-up

Regulation Anti-Islanding test

Inverter repairs & up-grades

Out of hours service available

Best price promise

Batteries & system up-grades

Warranty claims & repairs

Regular Maintenance Essential To Keep Your Solar Power System In Peak Condition

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton said solar power is now helping millions of Australians save on their power bills, but people shouldn't just put it on their roof and forget about it for the next 25 years.

"You wouldn't drive your car around for two or three years without taking it in for a service at some point. The same applies to your solar power system if you want it to stay in peak condition.

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Commercial & Industrial

Put the roof of your business to work. Make long-term savings on electricity costs and produce solar power with Q CELLS products and services.

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