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Agricultural Solar Farms

Super cost effective & super efficient!

Ground Maintenance

No Job too Big No Job Too Small

Robotic Cleaning Solutions

Mega Clean for Mega Watts

Robotic Technology is driving the Solar Farm Cleaning Industry. Man power can not compete with a Robot thats capable of cleaning hundreds of panels an hour at a fraction of the cost of manual labor.

Robotic ROI on average can be as quick as 1 month.

Sims is a full service provider, we can Install, commission, program, service and maintain your farm with panel cleaning and ground maintenance solutions for any size operation.

solar farm cleaning

Extremely Cost Effective & Super Efficient

Genie 5000XA

High Efficiency Module Cleaning System

Tailored solutions to meet your needs 

Every Solar farm has its own unique layout and structure and for this reason we provide a number of panel cleaning options.

Considerations that must be taken into account range from panel configuration, panel tilt, site accessibility, available water supply, ground clearance etc etc. During our initial site inspection we will conduct an extensive walkthrough, gathering the required information so we can present you with the most cost effective and time efficient solution to meet your needs!  

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Meet "BIG BERTHA"..always up for the challenge!

Big Bertha

Stand back..She kicks ass...

No point in beating around the bush!

Some jobs call for more than a light spray and a bit of a scrub. Introducing "BIG BERTHA" .. she means business! BB as she is affectionately know to many has the capability to work all day every day in all types of terrain. BB only requires one operator, this makes her an extremely cost effective proposition for any solar farm. 

See BIG BERTHA in action...

sims solar farm cleaning
solar cleaning sims

Genie 5000XA - Module Cleaning System  

Our Automatic cleaning system the Sims Genie 5000XA is made out of lightweight aluminium and the entire mechanism is powered by either a AC or DC gear motor and can be configured in semi or fully automatic operation. The Genie 5000XA is designed to be operated on any existing structure without needing any extra railing for support, the drive mechanism runs on both edges of the modules (top & bottom) with soft rubber timing belts. Genie 5000XA is designed not to scratch the solar modules glass surface in any way by utilising nylon brushes. 

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solar robot

Industrial Grade Components

1.  120W AC/DC Worm Gear Motor

2.  Nylon 6 Roller Brush 140RPM

3.  Vee-Jet Nozzle - 3 Bar Pressure

4.  Water Supply Pipe

5.  PU Guide Wheel

6.  Access Handle

7.  Push Button Control

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Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 4.03.48 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 8.11.33 PM.png

Trusted Service

Experienced Solar Experts

Customer Focused Team

Strict quality control processes give our clients peace of mind!


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Fast, efficient & cost effective 

  solar cleaning solutions!

Sims Solar Services...Helping to Maintaining your asset!

Ground Maintenance

Ground maintenance is an important part of the upkeep of any solar farm, over grown vegetation can obscure the suns light from reaching the solar modules thus reducing solar production.

Safety First! 

Keeping the grounds clear of debris and controlling vegetation is an extremely important measure in reducing the risk of grass fires. 


- Grass Cutting

- Weed Control

- Hedge Trimming

renewable solar energy Power plant _ The

Ongoing grounds maintenance is an important part of operating a solar farm. 

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