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Solar Panels on Roof Sims solar cleaning

Why Clean Solar Panels?

Cleaning solar panels increases output & eliminates hot-spots forming.

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Routine Solar Cleaning & Maintenance 

Industrial pollutants, vehicle exhaust fumes, road dust, soot, dirt, dust, lichen, moss, bird droppings and tree sap all cause a significant loss in solar production.

After time, these pollutants and environmental factors form a thin-film of filth across the surface of the solar panel and it does not matter how much or how hard it rains, this film of filth doesn't move.

We clean Solar panels with a water purification system, this leaves your panels spot free and also does not effect your tank drinking water. Soaps & detergents may void your warranty with many Solar panel manufactures.

Anti-Islanding Network Test

As well as cleaning your panels we will conduct an Anti-islanding test as requested by most Network providers.

The test is a safety precaution that ensures your Inverter shuts down & re-boots at set time intervals.

Our service includes a 20 point system safety and operation check to make sure that all components are in good working order and performing as normal.


CHOICE surveyed 1028 home owners living with Solar PV and found that 33% of those surveyed had experienced problems at some stage with their Solar system. The findings indicated that 20% found faults with the Inverters and interestingly 30% had issues with the installing Company.

Household Solar survey results 2018

The Benefits of Solar Cleaning...

Optimise solar output

System fault finding

Maintain your warranty

Extend investment life

Prevent hot-spots

Save you more money

solar manufacturers

What solar manufacturers say....

Panel manufacturer: PANASONIC SOLAR


The amount of electricity generated from a solar panel is proportional to the amount of light falling on it. A panel with shaded cells will produce less energy and therefore it is important to keep the panel clean.

Panel manufacturer: TRINA SOLAR

Wash dirt & dust off your solar panels twice per year.

Warranty Exclusions: Inadequate maintenance, damage or corrosion resulting from environmental pollution.

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