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We take the confusion out of your decision to go solar..


Unbeatable Prices! 

Superior Products!


Our easy 3 step process


Bill Analysis

Its all in the numbers! Correct bill analysis is a critical step in recommending the right solar system for you and your family. 


Price & Product

Design meets technology. Quality products at quality prices. We have been in this game for many years and we know what works and we know what doesn't.



Not only are our technicians CEC accredited, they also have over 10 years experience in the solar industry in both residential & commercial installations. 

Plus +

Sims Exclusive FREE Written Service & Cleaning Guarantee 

FREE panel cleaning and system servicing every year for 3 years with all our solar systems.


Solar you can count on..

Making the right choice

The Solar PV industry has grown at a staggering pace. This rapid growth has been met with a huge number of solar manufacturing companies producing inferior products. Pump 'em out cheaply and pump 'em out quickly. As a result we have seen some incredibly poorly manufactured solar products imported in to Australia. 

Fortunately after years of scrutiny and now that the industry has started to mature it has become very apparent which products stand up and which products do not.

Our range of solar products are tried & tested then tried & tested and then tried & tested again. We are not in the business of volume sales using low quality products, we will only give you the best quality products, exceptional service and a fair price. 

And the winners by process of elimination are..

Our Product Range



SMA Inverters

Efficient - Safe - Reliable - Simple

. SMA Smart Home Solution

. 96% Efficiency

. Safe Integrated ESS DC unit

. Reliable Worldwide Support

. SMA Warranty Program 


Delta Inverters

Delta Premium Features:

. Wide input range 30-600Vdc

. 98% Efficiency

. Inbuilt Wi-Fi Communication

. Low Noise at only 20dB

. IP 65 Protective level


Fronius Inverters

Fronius Future-proof Inverters

. Integrated Energy Management

. Connect to the Internet by WLAN

. 1.5kW to 27kW Inverters

. System Monitoring Feature

. Award Winning Design.



Jinko Panels


. High Efficiency Modules

. Performs Well in Low-Light

. Aesthetically Appealing

. 25 Year Efficiency Warranty 


LG Panels


. 25 Year Product Warranty

. 25 Year Efficiency Warranty

. More Power Per Square Metre

. Great Visual Appearance


Trina Panels


. 315W High Efficiency

. 30 Year Linear Warranty

. 10 Year Factory Warranty

. Power Output 285 - 305

Battery Storage

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 2.06.40 PM_edi

Tesla Wall


. Usable Power 13.5kWH

. Depth of Discharge 100%

. Efficiency 90% Round-Trip

. 7kW Peak - 5kW Continuous

. Floor or Wall Mount

. 10 Year Warranty

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 2.10.24 PM.png



. 96% Round-Trip Efficiency

. Capacity 1.2kW

. Depth of Discharge 100%

. No High Voltage DC

. 10 Year Life Expectancy


LG Chem


Depth of Discharge 100%

. Round-Trip Efficiency 95%

. Continuous Power 4.2kW

. 10 Year Product Warranty

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There has never been a better time than now to go solar. Solar prices are better than ever, Government rebates are incredibly generous and the cost of electricity is crippling Australian households!

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