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Residential Solar Services

Lacking energy? Maybe its time for a little TLC...

Solar servicing is the NUMBER 1 way to increase solar power!

Sims Best Price Promise!

Battery Storage Upgrades

All Solar PV Repairs

The Only Clean That Pays You!

Maximise Your Solar Production!

There is a right and a wrong way to clean Solar Panels. Unfortunately all to often we hear stories of people falling of the roof. Its a very dangerous environment.

Sims uses proven methods that are fast, efficient and above all safe.

Having the right equipment, knowing how to move around a roof, how to climb on and off a ladder, placement of hoses etc etc is paramount to how we operate. Our Team are masters of this Arena. Extensive training both theoretical and field training, working at heights certified and police checked, we are prepared.

Prompt and reliable, we work to a standard that sets us apart from the pack.


We take pride in our People and how we deliver our services. Our aim is to provide you with an exceptional result and ensure your Solar keeps on delivering an excellent ROI year after year!

The Sims Team has been extensively Trained and Certified as follows:

- Police Checked

- Fully Insured

- Working At Heights Certified

- Extensive Field Experience

- Solar Experts

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Quick & Easy with exceptional rates...

Professional panel cleaning

Safety & Operation check-up

Regulation Anti-Islanding test

Inverter repairs & upgrades

Solar Systems Require Professional Attention!

For optimal Solar PV performance your panels require 100% light transmittance. 

Most Solar system owners have been told by the Installing Company that the panels are self-cleaning or that the rain cleans them...this simply is not true. Panels that have not been cleaned in a long time show very obvious signs of lichen, pollution residue, dust, dirt and even mud that sits at the base of the frame.

Other important issues we come across often that are not apparent to the owner (out of sight out of mind) include: Low Isolation, Damaged Isolators, Panel Damage, Broken Connections, Water penetration and the list goes on....

Fire caused by faulty solar systems!

Victoria's Metropolitan Fire Brigade has responded to more than 40 fires caused by home solar power systems in the past 5 years. The MBF said the solar installations were vulnerable to faults across their system, including isolation switches, inverters and installed wiring from deteriorating components.

"The Australian" JULY 12 2017

man with charred face and broken cable t

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