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  • Why should I trust Sims?
    We work within solar panel manufactures warranty specifications. We also have a proven track record with over 5,000 satisfied clients. Our team are qualified solar specialists, we are certified, police checked and fully insured. STEER CLEAR from window cleaners and other operators that are using chemicals and high pressure washers. They are not qualified and at times are putting there workers at risk of electrocution.
  • How often should I have my panels cleaned?
    Depending on your location, usually annually is sufficient however in some areas it is neccessary to have the panels cleaned twice a year.
  • Can I clean my own panels?
    Never attempt to clean your own panels. Apart from the associated risks when climbing on a roof, a professional will be aware of electrical faults and avoid possible electric shocks.
  • But the rain cleans my panels. Doesn't it?
    You only need to look at your car after its been out in the elements for a period of time. What was once a squeaky clean white car is now a murky shade of brown. Rain actually contributes to the problem especially if your panels are effected by lichen or the tilt of the panels is minimal.
  • What is a HOT-SPOT and how does it effect my panels?
    Hot-spot heating occurs when there is one low current solar cell in a string of a least several high short-circuit current solar cells. Essentially the entire generating capacity of all the good cells is dissipated in the poor cell. This results in local overheating, or hot-spots, which leads to destructive effects, such as cell or glass cracking, melting of solder or degradation of the solar cell.
  • I was told my panels are self-cleaning?
    What rubbish! A cheap sales tatic used by unethical solar companies to avoid after sales services. Solar companies are primarily selling solar systems with large profits and are more interested in the thousands of dollars they can make from a new sale, not the pocket change from actually providing their customers with a full service offering.
  • Whats a Annual Anti-Islanding test?
    The Anti-Islanding test is a procedure that must be carried out by a solar professional. The test determines the time intervals in which the solar inverter shuts down ie disconnects from the grid and the time in which it reconnects. Shut down must be 2 seconds or less and reconnection must be 60 seconds or greater. The test is a safety procedure that ensures your solar is not feeding electricity back into the grid in the situation that the grid is shut down for repairs or maintenance.
  • What does a Sims solar service cover?
    Sims residential service includes cleaning of your solar panels with our Hydro-pro low pressure water purification system. Sims 20 point safety and operation check-up which comprises of inspecting every component of the solar system, framing & mounting end & mid clamps, condition of panels, isolator degradation, shading issues, integrity of connections, glands sealed correctly, inverter faults, inverter mounting, removal of debris from around the inverter, cleaning of the inverter. We will also conduct the all important Anti-Islanding test as recommended by your network provider. You will be advised of any problems and we can normally quote repairs on the spot.
  • What if my system is not working or you find a problem?
    We will identify any problems. We can usually quote repairs on the spot. Any repair work will be carried out by our "A" grade, CEC accredited electricians.
  • Birds keep nesting under my panels. What can I do?
    Sims Solar Guard keeps birds and other pest out! It can cause big problems having birds and pests under the panels, not only do they make mess but they can contribute to the degradation of cables and other vital components of the solar array. Birds nests create potential fire hazards and need to be removed ASAP. Birds, especially pidgeons can also be very noisy and make sleeping at night unbearable. Call or email us for a quote!
  • Do you use soap and detergents to clean solar panels?
    NO. Many solar panel manufatures will void your warranty if the panels have been cleaned with soaps and detergents. (plus your tank water wont taste so good) Sims uses pure water, leaving your panels spotless and streak free.
  • How long does it take to clean and service my solar system?
    We have the process down to a fine art! We can be in and out of a job within an hour. (based on system size 6 to 20 panels, single level residential)
  • Do I need to be home when the technician visits?
    No, as long as we have access to the solar inverter and mains switchboard we can service your solar without you needing to be home.
  • How can I pay?
    We accept Cash, Direct Deposit, Visa, Mastercard and Amex. If you require time to pay we can provide you with a 7day invoice.


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